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It's me, Taako. You know, from TV?! - Taako, The Adventure Zone I had to. I've listened to 59 episodes of The Adventure Zone now, and I just had to draw Taako.. Hi I read a fic where Taako went down a slightly darker path than in canon.This image is actually kind of spoilery if I'm being honest. WOOPS. You should still read the fic though, if you'r Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people Hey all, we're alive! We finished Khan, shipped him off to TwitchCon, and won Best in Category for Larger than Life! We're super stoked to have been able to show off our love for Guild wars 2 at Twitch, like a lighthouse in the sea of Fortnight and Overwatch Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako's coloring

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toonbly:. the image of duck walking out of the gate right in front of mama in the early amnesty episodes is never going to stop being absolutely hysterical to me. can you imagine managing to keep 2 planets away from the brink of war all on your own for 30 years now and suddenly this mid 40s dipshit with suspenders, a horny mouth belt buckle, and a park ranger outfit just walks out of the. Chile-Goth-Cat Lover-Sad. See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wann Once he accidentally ordered espresso and was so hyped up he accidentally transmographied nearly everything he touched . Kravitz came home to a remote control made out of kiwi and a flock of cats chewing away at a scratching post that got turned to chicken sala My personal original Taako and Lup designs I don't use, and I have like, OCs that I've redesigned so they've got previous designs that no long hold Astfgl had passed through the earlier stage of fury and was now in that calm lagoon of rage where the voice is steady, the manner is measured and polite, and only a faint trace of spittle at the corner of the mouth betrays the inner inferno.


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  2. taako-waititi: your au isn't completely canon compliant canon is but the sandbox in which i strike lightning to form glass. trouble me no more with your quibblings and quorums, lest i grind you to dust beneath my heel and build stories from the remnants of your bones. avast, foul fien
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  4. s with my favourite character being Snufkin. I am also a fan of Wander over Yonder, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Ducktales, Undertale, Gravity Falls, the Adventure Zone, OK KO and We Bare Bears

Taako: We team up with Kravitz. Lup: Okay, hot take, but I like your confidence. Tell me why. Taako: He has a bow tie. Lup: Oh, no. Taako: I always trust dudes in bow ties. Once, this guy in a bow tie came up to me at the gun range in a Goldcliff bus station and said he'd give me $600 if I put these weird turtles in my duffle bag and brought. Taako's haunted doll obsession has led me to a realization: Taako will occasionally burst into Kravitz's mrmram recording area yelling I WANNA MUNCH! That's right, munch squad is a Taako original, baby She was sent reeling. Taako? Her Taako? No! It had to be a mistake, an accident. Even with his memories erased, he could never do something so horriblecould he? She had to go, she had to make sure. Maybe she could find him there, where it had happened and he could explain, and she would find him a new life, a happier life. A life without her

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The latest Tweets from Fuck my arms (@Taako_Taaco_). Arin | 19 | Professional Robot Kisser™ | a gay ass elf | The Taako Fan | actually Griffin McElroy | BN: TipsyChaos#1520. Trans | He/Him They/The [ID] A full color drawing of Taako, Merle, and Magnus, standing together with intrigued expressions. Taako is on the left, standing in the back slightly behind Magnus and Merle. He is a thin elf with medium complexion skin and blond hair. He's wearing a blue vest over a long sleeve shirt and a large grey hat with a blue band magnus learns to only talk to lup from her left side when taako isn't around; lucretia makes sure she's on taako's right before starting a conversation. but it's just lup and taako, taako and lup, the two of them each other's ears and it's so practiced after a lifetime together that they don't even notice that they do it anymore

taako-waititi: this is the full spectrum of human emotion matching icons for you and the squad lskdjflskjdf a revolutionary concept [start ID: an alignment chart with four pictures of the.. The latest Tweets from Day 1 Taako Fan (@JCadeEdwards). Hey thugs, what's your name? I'm about to tentacle your dick Taako is a skinny elf with brown skin and blond hair. At first, they're drawn from above. Taako is seated on a surfboard, telling Barry, Okay, my dude, today is the day of days

Taako / Magnus / Merle / Lucretia / Lup / Barry / Davenport @ shakariantrash @ttazce2017 taz the adventure zone barry bluejeans ttazce2017 candlenights gift exchange moodboard the adventure zone: balance tazb aesthetic lowkey my favorite on Sorry about that! He then looks back to Taako with a guilty smile, saying, Guess I should know better than to talk with my mouth full, huh? But anyways- He's interrupted by a loud off-screen CRASH. The next panel shows Taako bracing himself against the counter behind him, staring at Angus with a look of sadness and worry on his. She described herself later in life as the missing link between genders and even as a child, had a secret name for herself which she preferred to be called among friends (Jimmy) and the information she gave about her childhood like not getting why everyone seemed to treat her like a girl, not wanting anything to do with feminine things.

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xaawo taako December 11, 2013 · Waxa la iyri ninaan kufuraynin ayuu kuu rarin somalidu shisheyaha dhinac hayskadhigto iyadoo lasimanyahay oo qofna aan lalahayn qabilkagu waa yar yahay la odhanayn oo lasiman yahay ilaah ilen waa losiman yahaye halawada hadlo oo dawlad iyo dalka haladhiso soomaliya oo ugu quwad wayn oo laga haybadaysto la arko. fake-geek-girl-616 liked this I keep seeing Taako with a braid, both in fanart and cosplay. I am going to cosplay him soon so I was wondering if that braid is canonical because if it is, I can't remember

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lup: hey taako i got some baby bell cheese taako: oh sweet can i have the leftovers lup: yeah sure *lup unwraps a cheese, pops it in her mouth, and hands the wax to taako, who promptly eats it* chaa-girl-lup reblogged this from fantasysamsclub Taako and Magnus finally get some time to talk about the memories they got back from the baby voidfish. This one is gonna be a doozy, and I have a backlog of commissions to get through before I can hunker down on it

don't ask me why a dead man needs a tombstone bird mom puts up with a lot of shit she absolutely tells taako about this later or lup finds it in his desk and shits herself laughing taz the adventure zone tax balance kravitz taakitz b99 this show is a gift that keeps givin Second description. You can make it as long as you want; if it escapes the navigation height, a scrollbar will appear. If your screen res is smaller than 1150px(width), the title & subtitle won't be visible on your blog Posts about Taako written by porluciernagas and Tsunderin. In mid-2016, the U.S. presidential election had just kicked into high gear with the announcement of Orange Cheeto Dust as the Republican presidential nominee, and I started looking for a comical podcast to take my mind off things

Take my arm, handsome. Taako offered, baring Kravitz's weight as he took it. Taako slowly pushed them from the edge, assuring Kravitz that he was doing fine for his first with a waggle of his eyebrows. He laughed at how flustered Kravitz constantly became from the simplest things, it was becoming one of his favorite things So Taako teaches you? Is he, like, your dad now? This is, to Angus, the most awkward question, so he feels no guilt over replying with an appropriately snarky answer each time. Well, no, sir, but I'm officially a part of the Taako brand. You too can get your own Taako-brand Agnes McDonald for only 420 payments of one gold I got the top part of my personal design for taako done! It was super hard deciding on the default braid on on short hair cause I love any iteration of Taako but h I had to go with the braid finished in a bun. And yes he does indeed have a boob window

So basically, this is for summaries, so here it is: This girl named Anna with depression ends up meeting FOB in the most unlikeliest of places, and somehow gets Joe to date her, and some bad stuff happens, but their love endures (the cheesiest thing I've ever said). I don't really know how I want to end it, but I'm working on it 3 (22/Pisces/INFP/she and her) Personal tags: Tak talks, Tak draws, my selfies About me More or less all of the criticism we've received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we've heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character

Taako: Does Lucretia ever sleep? Lup: I think she periodically makes a whirring noise and then shuts down so one day taako, kravitz, lup, and barry are on a double date, as they do. taako is off doin something, and lup is also off somewhere. listen man i don't know the details, barold and krav are talking about their s/os and whatever. barry mentions that he hasn't seen taako this happy in a long time. kravitz says something about how hard to. Do you guys know how much it messes me up that Lup just didn't know about the voidfishing?. She spent years in the umbra staff with no one except maybe a passing gerblin for company, she'd have no way of knowing what had happened Filed under omg this i feel so attacked . 3,104 notes. February 15, 2019. terezis:. anonymousalchemist:. terezis:. i know we like to joke about how kravitz is bad at his job because, after sensing a lich, he denied that it could be coming from taako's umbrella almost immediately. like the dude didn't even bother to check What if when Taako suddenly got all of his IPRE knowledge back and he just Has a realization that he has been incredibly smart this whole time. But instead of being thrilled by this, he just says in horror, Fuck, I'm a Nerd. girl-of-braids reblogged this from riplogic

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  1. weird--bread--girl liked this taako (and the rest of the ipre) are a rough n tumble gang of pirates hailing from a country that has since vanished in disaster; they sail mainly around the waters of the raven queen's country but their group is split - if they should continue their life of.
  2. ish. taako's good out here (uses tumblr on data) haha yolo am i right?.
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  4. its-taako-tuesday. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. God is a Wizard Asks and art suggestions are always open! THATS WHAT I THOUGHT I WAS SO CONFUSED BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL GUESSING GIRL NAMES? I WAS WONDERING IF I.

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I have a small pack of Faber-Castell Manga Pens that I use. Really simple, but I love them. I've been looking into different tools for traditional art, I'm usually more focused on digital stuff, but my laptop kicked the bucket and it was a fancy, art-specific that would be hard to replace

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  6. Lup: What do we do? Taako: We team up with - Incorrect TAZ

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