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A rakat can be said to be a round of prayer. The word denotes bowing. The bowed down position in prayer is called ruku. You are said to have offered 2 RAKATS of prayer when your prayers have. Best Answer: rak'ah is how many standings in a prayer. 2 rak'ah means one would stand up facing kibla 2 times 4 rak'ah means one would stand up facing kibla 4 times how to. What is the rakaat? Are pit bulls good pets? Pit bulls absolutely make good pets, provided that you're willing and able to care for them properly. Pit bulls have a bad reputation, and many cities. BeCopywriter | Best WordPress theme for copywriters. Salah is the obligatory prayer and is the pillar of our religion. It is one of the most important ways to show devotion and obedience to Allah therefore how to perform salah should be learned without loosing any time Fajr: i) First two rakat Sunnat Mokadda ii) Two rakat Fard. Zuhr: i) Four rakat Sunnat Mokadda ii) Four rakat Fard iii) Two rakat sunnat Mokadda iv) Two rakat Nafl (Optional but spiritually beneficial

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Salaat Times, from Salaat, published by Threshold Society. Fajr: From dawn to just before sunrise. Zuhr: Just after noon (when the sun has passed the median point in the sky) Abu Barza said, The Prophet used to offer the Fajr (prayer) when one could recognize the person sitting by him (after the prayer) and he used to recite between 60 to 100 Ayat (verses) of the Qur'an

Learn how to pray 4 rakat with this step by step video. This video is from the film, 'Time to Pray with Zaky'. ----- One4kids TV CHANNEL: Watch all our videos without any ads on our online TV. Re: How many rakats are in each prayer? Thank you Brother for explaining why a woman should not recite aloud. Fortunately the majority of the time I pray I am alone in the house or just my parents are in ear shot Firstly, we state our intention (niyyah) in our hearts or audibly that we are going to perform the two sunnah rakats of the dawn prayer by saying I intend to perform the sunnah rakats of the Salat Al-Fajr for the consent of Allah rakaat is the arabic term for each unit of prayer it is fine for you to pray quietly go to your local mosque and accept islam with the imam and then you can ask all the quetions you like and he can explain everything to you and teach you many congratulations for being guided towards the truth may Allah make you steadfast on islam always Now read, Atthayyato Lillahe Wassalawato Wat Tayyebato Assalamu Alaika Ayyohan Nabiyo Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatoh Assalamu Alaina Wa Ala ibadillahis Sualaiheen Ashadu An La ilaah illal Laho Wa Ashadu Anna Mohammadan Abdohoo Wa Rasooluho

How to Perform the Tahajjud Prayer. The Tahajjud is a special Islamic prayer which is recommended (but not compulsory) for all Muslims. The Tahajjud is prayed after Isha (the obligatory nightly prayer) and before Fajr (the obligatory.. The virtues of Duha prayer are vast, uplifting, life-changing, and of immense benefit to those who implement the habit of praying it on a daily basis. What follows is an in-depth description of Duha prayer for readers who prefer to understand the full context of the prayer, including its definition. A 'rakat' constitutes first standing posture while reading 'Al Fatiha' and some other 'surah', followed by the 'bowing' posture while saying 'Subhana Rabi'al athzeem wabihamdi' x 3, followed by coming back to a 'momentary standing posture followed by 2 'prostrations' while saying 'Subhana Rabi'al' A'ala wabihamdi' x 3

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Q-1: how many rakah we should perform in tahajjud prayer. The number of rakah for Tahajjud have not been fixed. There is an authentic narration that the Messenger of Allah (saws) used to pray 11 rakahs including witr, and there is also another narration that states that he (saws) prayed 13 rakahs including witr Salat Al-Isha - How To Perform The Four Rakats Sunnah Part Of The Late Evening Prayer. How to offer isha salah. Method, Ways of offering Salat Al-Isha. Step by step procedure Before Salaat. Body, clothes and place of prayer must be clean. Perform wudu (ritual ablution) if needed. Traditionally, women cover their hair. Face the Qibla, the direction of Mecca (in Northeastern USA, roughly 70 degrees NE) This proves that Tahajjud and Tarawih prayers are separate prayers, if however, the Tahajjud and Tarawih prayer was the same-as some people (Salafis) say, why didn't Imam Bukhari mention Tarawih and Tahajjud prayer into one chapter or book? Removal of a doubt If someone makes a claim that there is no distinction between Tahajjud and Taraweeh Salat almaghrib the way to carry out the 3 rakat fardh. Salat almaghrib a way to perform the three rakat fardh a part of the sundown prayer. The way to provide maghrib salah. Technique, ways of imparting salat almaghrib, namaz step. How many rakat in salat salah rakaat namaz. The way to perfrom salah? Fajr i) first rakat sunnat mokadda ii.

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Having cleansed yourself by Wudu, you may proceed to perform Salah. Wudu is a ritual cleansing. Before you begin your Salah, however, you must make sure that you have a clean body, a clean place to pray, and that you are wearing clothing free of impurities. The minimum clothing required during Salah is: A A rakat, or rakaʿah (Arabic: ركعة rakʿah‎, plural: ركعات rakaʿāt), consists of the prescribed movements and words followed by Muslims while offering prayer Om een goed beeld te krijgen hoeveel raka'aat je moet bidden is het van belang om te weten wat een raka'ah is en wat verplichte en aanbevolen gebeden zijn: Leren bidden: Wat is een raka'ah? De beste wijze om de salaah, d.w.z het gebed in Islam te leren is om eerst te begrijpen wat een rakat inhoudt In some, the sheikhs pray 8 rakaat and then the last 3. In Mecca, the sheikhs pray I think 20 and then the last 3. It is not a must but you can pray it as long as you finish 1 juz

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  1. Re: 1 rakat witr question.:salams Brother, you should always aim to pray 3 rakats for witr. Unless, you are seriously short on time (i.e. right before Fajr), you should pray 3 rakats
  2. How many Sunnat rakats are there in Jumma prayer? Ask Question 3. 2. That is the correct order aswell, So in total there are 14 rakaat in jumm'a salaah
  3. imum rakats you have to pray for each namaaz? Sunnah of the Maghrib Prayer [In the previous chapter, the practice of the Prophet (PBUH) has been reported by `Umar and `Aishah (May Allah be pleased with them) that he (PBUH) used to perform two Rak`ah Sunnah after the obligatory Maghrib prayer]
  4. Essential means: Absolutely necessary; extremely important. I did no know this too but it was part of the prophets Sunnah and Allah commands us in the Quran to follow the Sunnah, so yes we have to pray those but it is not a sin if we have missed out previously as we didn't know
  5. Number of Rakaats for Prayers (salah). how many sunnah rakkahs (rakkats to pra

What is namaz Rakat? Rakat is a Arabic word. It has a special meaning. Rakat refers one special part of Namaz. It starts from qiam to sijdah. One Rakat involve qiam (standing), two ruku and two sijdah. There are no namaz without at least two rakat. Type of Rakat. Farj: It is obligatory. Wajib: It is also mandatory like salatul witr 3 Rakat That hadith is true. The Prophet (pbuh) led the Taraweeh Prayer for eight rakats. The Taraweeh Prayer is a sunnah al-muakkada. The shortest is two rakats and the longest is twenty rakats Namaz Photos. Namaz (Salah) is the formal worship in Islam. Its importance for Muslims can be judged by the fact that it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. To perform Salah, one must perform ablution, first

De nafila voor de Asr is overleverd als 2 en 4 rakaat Sunnah Ghayr Muakkada, men is vrij in keuze om 2 of 4 rakaat te bidden, met 4 rakaat als deugdelijker om zo aanspraak te maken op de duaa van de Profeet salallahu 'alaihi wa salam die hij maakte voor diegene die 4 rakaat voor het Asr gebed zou bidden How many raka? Traditional Muslims conduct their Salat in units which they call raka. One raka is a cycle of standing, bowing then 2 prostrations. They also follow a. Raka definition, a portion of the salat, the prescribed prayers said five times a day, that combines a ritual of bows and prostrations with the recitation of prayers travel fiqh This document is a collection of relevant Masail & Q & A from the 4 books Islamic laws , Jurisprudence made easy , Contemporary legal rulings & Current Legal Issues

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Sholat Witir Tiga Rakaat Satu Salam Atau Tiga Rakaat Dua Salam Ustad Anwar Musyaddat - Duration: 5:42. Majelis Dzikir Al Anwar 620 views. 5:42. Tuntutan Solat (Solat Jumaat). A simple guide to the Witr prayer - what it is, how it is prayed, recommended actions, etc

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  1. Quran Focus Academy Blog Salah Names, Rakat and Time or Namaz Names and Rakaat
  2. g the tahajjud prayer regularly himself and encouraging his companions too
  3. Every Muslim, whether be male or female, is recommended to pray 12 Rakaat of supererogatory prayers every day: four of these Rakaat (units of prayers) are before noon prayer, two after it, two after Maghrib prayer, two after Isha (night) prayer and two before the morning prayer ‑ These.
  4. Based on these ahadiths, it is understood that the 20th Rakaat of Salah from Taraui is the Sunnah of the Beloved Messenger ﷺ, this was the practice of famous comrades and Taabeyan, may Allah be pleased with them all, and remains the practice of Muslims this year. I do not know that I am a Muslim, and I know that I pray for my famil

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In this article we will be revealing how to perform salah for beginners with step by step guide. Once you have made wudu, you can start salat prayer however there are some check points such as clothing and overall body chastity Learn fard namaz rakaat, sunnat mokadda and ghair Muakkadah pryaers ka tarika in Urdu, what is amount of obligatory sunnah, Nafil salat and how to perfor

I am now more confused than I was before; does total of 17 rakaat (4 sunnat, 4 farz, 2 sunnat, 2 nafl, 3 vitr and 2 nafl) in Isha makes it complete or 9 rakaat (4 farz, 2 sunnat and 3 vitr) does? 9 rakaat is complete namaz whereas 17 rakaat is complete namaz plus added savab. OR. 9 rakaat is incomplete namaz and 17 rakaat is complete Ish Based on Holy Quran and Authentic Hadith and Based on Belief of Salaf us Saliheen and Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jamaa'ah.Topics:What is Islam,Understanding Islam,Teachings of Islam,The Holy Quran,Sunnah, Hadith,Quran in English, Who is Muhammad (peace be upon him),Dua,5 pillars, Facts about Islam,Islamic books,Islamic prayers,Islamic women,Islam beliefs,Islam and women,Hadith Sahih,Hadith Sahih. Whoever preserves four rakaat before Dhohr and four after it, Allah will make him forbidden for the fire. [Abu Dawud (1269), At-Tirmithi (427), An-Nisa' (1818), Ibn Majah (1160) , classified saheeh by Al-Albani] If the person prays four after Dhohr, thus adding two rakaat, then this is better, but it is not rawatib. The rawatib is two rakaat

Where I am staying there is only one mosque (Islamic Centre) where some time Shafi'i Imam lead the prayer. In Ramadan they pray 8 rakahs of tarawih and then witr Importance of Namaz Time: Namaz is a formal and important obligation of Islam. It is necessary for every Muslim to know the importance and the benefits that are related to the namaz

How many rakats are in Friday's prayer? Update Cancel. That is the correct order as well, So in total there are 14 rakaat in jumm'a salaah (prayer) Ibn Umar said I prayed alone with Allah's Messenger (pbuh) 2 Rakaat before and 2 Rakaat after the Thuhr prayer. (Bukhari and Muslim) It is a familiar practice to offer 4 Rakaat Sunnat before Thuhr prayer, but this Hadith proves that 2 Rakaat Sunnat before the Thuhr prayer is also allowed Therefore, if an individual prays 8 rakats of Taraweeh, they are only sitting for one period, which refers to Tarweehatun, and not Taraweeh. This means that the group of people, who believe that 8 rakats of Taraweehatun will count as Taraweeh, are misguided and are also misguiding others 49. If this is a 4 Rakaat Salah then the person should stand and complete the 3rd and the 4th Rakaat as described above. 50. In the last sitting (i.e. the 1st sitting of a 2 Rakaat Salah or the 2nd sitting of a 4 Rakaat Salah), the Salat Alan-Nabi (Durood Shareef) should be recited, which is as follows

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  1. Al-Albani seems to be implying that the venerable Companions (may Allah be pleased with them and increase their rank), the four great Mujtahid Imams (Allah's mercy be upon them), as well as the foremost scholars of hadith and Fiqh of the last 1400 years have 'innovated' the practise of 20 rakats of taraweeh, if considered in the light of.
  2. How to Perform Salatul Hajat - The Prayer of Need If you do not know how to correctly read the Quran in Arabic, then join Quran Reading Academy for online Quran teaching classes to improve your Quran recitation and understanding skills
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  4. Compulsory to pray 2 rakah after entering the mosque. In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright
  5. Listen Al-Fatiha. Surah Falak. next step is reading Surah falak its is must to read the next surah to the previous surah you have read for eg in previous rakat you read surah Al Faatihah so next surah that you will read will be surah falak in namaz but if learner he can read same suras in both raket but for a short wile if you want to learn quran and namaz you can register for online lesson her

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  1. Learn All Sunnah Prayers: Sunnah Prayers Associated With Fardh Prayers Article: Sunnah Prayers Explained By Sheikh: Bin Baz (rahimahullaah) Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz Learn All Sunnah and Nawafil Prayers صلاة السنة والنوافل Question: What are the Rawatib (Sunnah Prayers associated with Obligatory Prayers) which can be made up if the person misses them
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  3. There are 14 fard parts for the salah to be valid and these fourteen fard parts of salahs differ into two groups as before the salah (prerequisites) and during the salah. The first seven of these are prerequisites which must be fulfilled before the commencement of the Prayer. Fard Parts before the Salah: (Prerequisites) 1
  4. The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) offered supplication (dua) at times of calamity on a number of occasions (in fardh salah only) , and his supplication was appropriate (or related ) to the calamity for which he was praying the Qunoot
  5. g Witr


What exactly is a rakaah Please be more specific than part of a Muslim prayer - trivia question /questions answer / answers The Arabic word raka'ah (pl. rakaat. Read 6 rakaat Nafl prayer (2+2+2), after Magrib namaz. After every two rakaats read Surah Yaseen once, then dua Nisf e shaban. After every two rakaats read Surah Yaseen once, then dua Nisf e shaban. This special prayer, by the blessing of Allah Almighty, will give you a healthy and prosperous life for the whole year Can we repeat a surah 2-3 times in a same rakaat? My husband told me that he confirmed from some aalim that the gold jewellery 'he' bought for me after marriage till date is not my possession but only his. He said he can take it permanently (not wearing) whenever he wants. What's the ruling on this in Islam? Archives. May 2019; April 2019. Support Us. The Al-Islam.org site and the DILP are entirely supported by individual donors and well wishers. If you regularly visit this site and wish to show your appreciation, or if you wish to see further development of Al-Islam.org, please donate online

Salah is a ritual prayer having prescribed conditions and one must perform Salaah while fulfilling those conditions. Many times we perform Prayers or Salah as a practice or a part of habit only but tend to forget the basic essence of Namaz and make many mistakes during Prayers. 10 common mistakes and errors in Prayers or Salah are discussed: 1 How many rakats in tahajud salah. In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. Answer. Allah (SWA) in the Holy Qur'an has said, And during the night, wake up for salah, an additional prayer for you Where can we find Salat in the Quran ?! One of the most famous question that many Muslims ask regarding their own religion, is their question, Where in the Quran do we find details how to perform Salat? This favorite question of potential believers exposes their ignorance of the Qura More on Qaza of Tahajjud Note: in the Arabic version of Tawdhihul Masael of Ayatullah Al-Sistani Dama-Dhilluhu the time of Salaat al-Layl starts after Isha prayers (and not from midnight as stated in the English version of Islamic Laws ). However, it is better to pray near the time of Fajr prayers

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The Smart Rakat Counter is a creative device that will maximize the relationship between Deen and technology. The prayer period is a time that requires full concentration, and there is a need to bow down twice while praying but we are all human beings with a tendency to forget things quickly Shab-e-Baraat (Laylatul Nifsul Shaban) is the night when Allah the Almighty arranges the affairs of the following year. It is a night of worship and prayers for all Muslims. Nawafil for Shab-e-Baraat. 1. Read 6 rakaat Nafl prayer (2+2+2), after Magrib. After each two, we read Surah Yaseen AND Surah Ikhlas 21 times. The intention for each Nafl. You can offer another 2 Rakaat Nafal after Maghrib prayer after which you must recite Surah Yasin once and read the Dua Nisf Shabaan once as well. After that you can make the Dua for living a righteous life full of piety. Prayer#4: Salat Tasbeeh is one of the most renowned Nafal prayers that carry abundant reward for the person who offers it

(Sahaja aku solat fardhu Zuhur dua rakaat dihimpunkan kepada Asar tunai kerana Allah) Akhir kata. Semoga artikel cara solat jamak ini dapat membantu kita melakukan ibadah, walau di mana kita berada. Usah sesekali meringankan solat, walaupun bermusafir. Untuk menghimpunkan dan memendekkan rakaat solat, baca panduan solat jamak qasar yang betul. Intention. Make the intention to pray however you do not need to say it out loud, but you need to know which prayer of the day you are performing, what will be the type of the rakaat, and the number of rakaats

In every Namaz, while reciting the Surah Fateha, we pray : O Allah guide us to the straight path. After the Namaz If, we try to remember this prayer, will have the indecency to commit a sin, that is one moment we ask Allah (SWT) to guide us to the right path and the very next moment we commit a sin Maghrib & Isha'a / Off the Setting Sun & After Sunset Conducting Maghrib Prayers The Maghrib prayer is the fourth of the five daily prayers recited, and it requires three raka'ah

Isha: 2 rakaat after 2 sunnah Mu'akadda Wajib prayer is also obligatory, but to a lesser degree. Witr prayer, after Isha, is considered Wajib by certain schools of thought, while some consider it as Sunnah Mu'akadda Salam Sister. I have this problem too, though not with wudu. During prayer I sometimes forget how many rakat I have done, so I simply add another one or two to it, until I am sure I have done at least what is required Rules of Salat (Part III of III) Qir'at (Reciting the Surah Al-Hamd and Other Surah of Holy Qur'an) Issue 987: * In the the daily obligatory prayers, one should recite Surah al-Hamd in the first and second Rak'ats, and thereafter one should, on the basis of precaution, recite one complete Surah Question: Recently I have observed many brothers who claim to follow the Salaf way pausing after every rakaat in Salaah before they get up for the second Rakaat and after the third Rakaat they also pause a little in the Jalsah position before they get up for the fourth Rakaat Hadith.-X Value of two Rakaat of Salaat Ibne Salman says that he heard one of the companions of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) narrating, When we had won the battle of Khaiber, we began to buy and sell among ourselves the booty that had fallen to our lot

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Taxi Ile Maurice. Taxi Mauritius. How to perform Salatul Hajaat Namaz : A Powerful Prayer for every need Salaatul Hajaat is a prayer offered for the accomplishment of a particular purpose or need Information on Basics of Islam, Islamic Articles, Quran Audio and English Reference, Naats, Multimedia Gallery and more Evidence for 20 rak'ahs of Taraweeh from authentic ahadith . In the following synopsis we will provide the most authentic evidence to support the claims of the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, Hanbali and Zahiri schools of Islamic jurisprudence, and most importantly that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and in the unanimous view and practice of the Sahaba (may Allah be pleased. Salat or Namaz is the most important and a complete system of worship in Islam. Literal meaning of salat is DUA. Considering salat as insignificant or taking it lightly (Istekhfaf-e-Salat) is a major sin. Both Quran and Ahadeeth emphasize that the salat must be given top priority in our daily life and must never be taken as a lightly or.

Tag: 20 Rakaat. Posted on May 6, 2019 May 6, 2019 by Shah. Namaaz Taraweh Tasbih in Sequence to perform prayer How to Read the Four Sunnahs of Dhuhr, Asr and Isha August 29, 2012 at 1:32 AM The four Sunnahs of salatul dhur are Sunnah Mu'akkadah (an emphasised Sunnah): This is an action that was regularly done by the Prophet I haven't memorized Dua al Qunoot for the witr prayer. Can I read Sura Ikhlas three times instead? Also, what is salat al tasbeeh and what are its benefits While reading 4 Rakaat Salaat, I usually forget whether I sit for Atahiyyaat or not after the second Rakaat. So, I do Sajda Sahu at the end for this. 2004-08-03; What is the Correct way of GhusalFriday & Rakat, Friday Afternoon , Ghusal After Intercourse,& what AIyat to say while Performing Ghusal & its Name. Pls Guide. 2004-07-3

If a Fard or Wajib prayer could not be offered at a prescribed time due to some reason, it is said to have been rendered Qada' or missed, and has to be offered later in the prescribed away In the lifetime of the Prophet (ﷺ) whosoever saw a dream would narrate it to Allah's Messenger (ﷺ). I had a wish of seeing a dream to narrate it to Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) (p.b.u.h) I was a grown up boy and used to sleep in the Mosque in the lifetime of the Prophet THE BOOK OF PRAYER (Kitaab-ul-Salaat) by Allamah Sayyed Shah Turab ulHaque Qadri (may Allah increase his beneficence) English Translation by Mohammed Aqib Farid Qadr The ahnaaf are special in considering the witr prayer as Wajib (necessary) whereas the La-Madhabiyyah either consider it as Sunnat-e-Mu'akdah or Nafl prayer (Note: All 4 valid schools remain correct even if they differ with one another whereas the La-Madhabiyyah sect even if it reaches a right opinion they would still be Ahlul Bidah as. How to Pray Salatul Hajat Namaz Tarika Islam; Impossible to Possible 7 Days Job Wazifa Worked; Salatul Hajat Namaz Method #2 in English. What is Salatul Hajat? Introduction to Salatul Hajat, The Namaz for Needs. Whenever there is an urgent need which needs to be accomplished on the priority basis

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b) the strongest position is that the witr itself is 1 rakaat. but it's recommended to be prayed right after the shafa prayer which is two rakaats. the method is: 1) pray two rakaats of the shafa prayer including the final salaam. 2) immediate rise and begin a new prayer (i.e. give takbir al-ihram) and pray the one rakaat of witr If a traveling person comes upon a congregation praying, and he does not know if: (1) the imam (prayer leader) is a traveler, meaning that he should join the prayer with the intention of qasr (shortening prayer), or (2) if he is resident, and thus should pray the complete prayer, what should he do DUA E QUNOOT FOR ISHA WITR PRAYER & ITS METHOD . DEFINATION OF QUNOOT : According to the definition of the fuqaha',Qunoot is the name of a du'aa (supplication) offered during prayer at a specific point while standing. It is prescribed in Witr praye There are many evidences in Qur'an and Sunnah proving the excellence and merits of praying Tahajjud - the night vigil prayer. This article explains the benefits, when and how to pray it. Establish worship at the going down of the sun until the dark of the night, and (the recital of) the Qur.

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  1. Cara Solat Witir Bulan Ramadan, pasti ada solat Witir selepas solat Terawih. Ramai beranggapan bahawa solat sunat Witir hanya ada pada bulan puasa sahaja! Mari kita dapatkan sedikit panduan mengetahui fadhilat dan kelebihan solat sunat Witir ini
  2. Lift both hands up to the ears and say: Allaho Akbar (Allah is Great). To say Allahu Akbar in the beginning of every prayer is obligatory. It is also necessary that these two words should be pronounced in correct Arabic
  3. Rakaat Findclip Video Search Site Free Desi CLICK HERE. What the BBB has done to consumers for over 100 years is one of the many reasons why Ripoff Report was created
  4. Whether you offer 8 rakaats or 20 rakaats of Taraweeh in Ramadan, it is still much more than the amount of rakaat you offer throughout the year. Taraavih hence becomes a means through which offering Salah otherwise becomes less difficult, since one is already accustomed to standing in prayer for long periods during Taraweeh
  5. Dua In Namaz Allahu akbar Allah is the greatest! Subhana Kal-lah hum-ma wabi hamdika wata-bara kasmuka wata'ala jad-duka wala ilaha ghyruka. Glory be to you, O Allah, and all praises are due unto you, and blessed is your name and high is your majesty and none is worthy of worship but you
  6. At-tahiy-yatu lil-lahi was sala-watu wat-tay yibatu As-salamu 'alayka ay-yuhan-nabiy-yu wa rahma tullahi wa bara-katuhu As-salamu 'alayna wa'ala 'ibadil-la his-sali-heen Ash hadu al-la ilaha il-lal lahu wa ash hadu an-na Muhammadan 'ab-duhu wa rasuluh. Translation: All compliments, all physical prayer

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Claim no.6 No body does Amal on the hadeeth of Ayesha radhi Allahu Anha As it is bcz the prophet pbuh used to pray 4 4 rakaat but tarawih is prayed in 2 2 rakaat all over the world. Response: It is an accepted Usool in Science of Hadith that the hadeeth does the explanation of another hadeeth.. And in this Case Aisha radhi Allahu Anha did not. Update 3: @Salahadd...- The Prophet never read Taraweeh. It was invented during the time of Umar. You haven't answered my question. The 5 prayers are mentioned in the Quran, even know how to pray them is not mentioned, Taraweeh isn't even mentioned in the Quran and the Prophet (saww) never read it either On the authority of Hazrat Shutayr who is amongst the companions of Hazrat Ali رضي الله تعالى عنه that Hazrat Ali (كرّم الله تعالى وجهه الكريم) would lead 20 rakaat salaah of Taraaweeh and 3 rakaat of Witr during the blessed month of Ramadaan 7.Allahu akbar keh kar doosre rakaat uthne se pehle baith kar 10 martabha tasbih pahle yeh 75 martabha tsbih he har rakaat namaz men jo kul rakaat men 300 hojate he. Doosri rakaat pahle wali rakaat jaise adaa kare. baaqi rakaat bhi aisahi adaa karle. masnoon qiraat in charon rakaat men yeh he. 1. faatiha ke baad surah a'la