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  1. Amun is an Egyptian vampire and the leader of the Egyptian coven and one of the only two survivors from the Volturi's assault during the war between their covens. The other survivor is his mate, Kebi
  2. Amon Göth in 1946, shortly before his execution After the war, Göth was extradited to Poland, where he was tried by the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland in Kraków between 27 August and 5 September 1946
  3. The Precinct of Amun-Re, located near Luxor, Egypt, is one of the four main temple enclosures that make up the immense Karnak Temple Complex. The precinct is by far the largest of these and the only one that is open to the general public. The temple complex is dedicated to the principal god of the Theban Triad, Amun, in the form of Amun-Re
  4. Amun and Amun-Ra Amun was a member of the Ogdoad, representing creation energies with Amaunet, a very early patron of Thebes. He was believed to create via breath and thus was identified with the wind rather than the sun
  5. Amun's symbol. Amun was a Goa'uld and the husband of Amounet.He was an underlord of Ra and was in Egypt at some point during the 12th dynasty.His Ha'tak arrived on the planet of the Goa'uld Sekhmet, when the latter decided to tighten his alliance with him, probably with the aim of recovering one of the Arrows of Sekhmet
  6. The name of god Amun was erased, probably during Amarna era of Akhenaten. Detail of stela of Djeserka, a doorkeeper of the Amun temple at Thebes. From Thebes, Egypt. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London.jpg 6,016 × 4,016; 15.9 M

As Amen's or Amun's cult grew bigger, Amun rapidly became identified with the chief God that was worshipped in other areas, Ra-Herakhty, the merged identities of Ra, and Horus. This identification led to a merger of identities, with Amun becoming Amun-Ra The Amun-Ra-class stealth frigate was a class of advanced warship commissioned, designed, and owned by the Protogen Corporation. Named after the'Hidden one' of Egyptian mythology, The Amun-Ra class stealth frigate was commissioned by the Protogen Corporation, and assembled at Luna's Bush.. Amun, meaning'the Hidden One', was a major deity in the Egyptian pantheon. He was eventually fused with the sun god Ra as Amun-Ra. Amun was considered the champion of the poor and downtrodden who upheld justice, as well as the king of the gods, divided into two forms as Amunet, the goddess of.. Amun (an aa Amon, Amen, Greek Ἄμμων Ámmōn, Ἅμμων Hámmōn) wis a local deity o Thebes. He wis attestit syne the Auld Kinrick thegither wi his spoose Amaunet. Wi the 11t dynasty (c. 21st century BC), he rose tae the poseetion o patron deity o Thebes bi replacin Monthu. Reference Amun-her-khepeshef is the minor character from the film The Prince of Egypt.. Personality. The boy is very playful and kind, however, he doesn't seem to like Moses. Role in the fil

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  1. Amun, reconstructed Egyptian Yamānu (also spelled Amon, Amoun, Amen, and rarely Imen or Yamun, Greek Ἄμμων Ammon, and Ἅμμων Hammon), was a god in Egyptian and Berber mythology who in the form of Amun-Ra became the focus of the most complex system of theology in Ancient Egypt
  2. osity N/A Planets 5 Moons 2 Asteroid Belts 0 Asteroids 0 Objects 0 Amun may be named after the god of creation in the ancient Egyptian pantheon
  3. Summons an Undead Minion with 20% HP and 15% attack inherited from the caste
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Amun the Cross And I, Amun, will save everyone from your hands. As I, Amun, will punch your face until your skull sinks into your goddamn throat, you villainous scum shit! — Amun the Cross' sense of justice and violent nature Amun the Cross. Amun the Cross (アムン十字, Amun Juuji Amon, born as Noatak, was the charismatic and mysterious leader of an anti-bender revolutionary group known as the Equalists. Their ultimate goal was to introduce equality for all by permanently ridding the world of benders. A nimble, agile, and stealthy fighter, Amon was fearless in facing his..

Amun was shown in human form, seated on a throne, wearing on his head a plain deep circlet from which rise two straight parallel plumes, maybe meant as the tail feathers of a bird. That would remind of his earlier status as a wind god. When Amun had become more important than Menthu, the local war god of Thebes, Menthu was called the son of. Spawn Conditions Companions/Summons Timed Spawn near Myriadeyes south of Veridical Conflux #8. Spawns 10-15 minutes after death. N/A Special Abilities Passive Traits. Bade: ·water··to go to walk to come, arrive first-person singular realis mood form of amun

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Amun is an Egyptian creator god that was the personification of wind and invisibility. His worship was so widespread in the Egyptian New Kingdom is bordered on monotheism. Amun has been known to merge with Ra and Min. Tier: Unknown, possibly Low 2- Amun Re. Some assume that Amun (Amen, Amon) was a relatively modern god within the context of ancient Egyptian religion. His worship at Thebes, where the earliest known Temple dedicated to him was located, is only documented from the 11th Dynasty onward Amon is one of the few monsters in the anime to not be defeated by Kirby. Amon's monster form is one of the few monsters that can talk. Amon could possibly be named after Amon (or Amun), an Ancient Egyptian ram god. Amon is also the name of a demon associated with the sin of wrath or hate Amun-Re is played in six rounds, where each round consists of an auction of provinces, followed by the purchase of power cards (for special use or that give bonuses in scoring), farmers (that generate income), and bricks (which are converted into pyramids on a three-for-one basis), a sacrifice phase, and then income The Temple of Amun is an archaeological site at Jebel Barkal in Northern State, Sudan.It is situated about 400 kilometres (250 mi) north of Khartoum near Karima.The temple stands near a large bend of the Nile River, in the region that was called Nubia in ancient times

Turwinkle Talks to Te'Amun! Achievements Edit. Te'Amun is the first and original Draenic guild on the Moon Guard server being established late in 2007 by the former Exarch Aedion and has from day one remained a Draenei exclusive guild founded in order to promote and encourage Draenic RP on the server The demon Amon is a major staple character in the Devilman franchise. He rarely appears in the original manga but has a looming presence throughout. His core character arc is that he is the demon that merged with Akira Fudo, transforming him into Devilman Amon is a Djinn with the appearance of a bald, bearded old man. He wears a white cloth that covers his back and arms. Amon has long claw-like nails and, like all the Djinn, he has a third eye on his forehead

Amon was the Captain of the 9th Fellowship of the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion during the latter stages of the Great Crusade.A senior member of his Legion and commander of the Order of Blindness, he was also the Equerry to its Primarch, Magnus the Red, and had served as Magnus' mentor and tutor when the Primarch first arrived on Prospero Description: Amun, an ancient Egyptian god. Amun is usually shown as a striding man wearing a tall, plumed crown. Originally, Amun was depicted with red-brown skin but after the Amarna period he was painted with blue skin, symbolizing his association with air and primeval creation Media in category Temple of Amun in Medinet Habu The following 55 files are in this category, out of 55 total. Lepsius-Projekt tw 1-2-092.jpg 2,102 × 1,608; 222 KB Magicamente, Amon converte-se no deus do Império, propiciador da vitória nas batalhas e pai de todos os demais deuses do panteão. Como que para legitimar esta mudança de funções divinas, Amon é relacionado a Rá, o mais antigo dentre os deuses que um dia foram adorados como criador da vida e pai de todos os deuses Amon, cel ascuns, rege al zeilor, în principal în timpul dinastiei XI, a apărut pe inscripțiile incintelor funerare încă din timpul dinastiei V. Pentru ptolemeici el este asociat cu Zeus. Sub numele de Amun Kematef a fost una din cele opt divinități străvechi. Era un zeu creator, capabil să se readucă singur la viață

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Amon tai Ammon (muinaisegyptin salattu tai kätketty) oli muinaisessa Egyptissä palvottu auringon jumala, jonka palvonta keskittyi pääasiallisesti Thebaan, mutta oli myös varsin merkittävää muualla maassa Uuden valtakunnan aikana. Amon oli yksi Hermopoliin ogdoadin kahdeksasta luojajumalasta Amon is a tiny dragon Digimon sealed within Goldramon's right vambrace. It is called Amon of the Crimson Flame (Amon of Red Flame (紅炎のアモン Kouen no Amon)), and governs over Destruction. Amon appears as a mass of red energy in the shape of a dragon Postupno, kako je Amon bio bog zraka, on je povezan s dahom života, kojim je stvorena ba, osobito u Tebi.Njegova je žena Amaunet.Amon je opisan u ljudskom obliku, kako sjedi na prijestolju, nosi na glavi veliku krunu, vjerojatno od perja ptica, što upućuje na njega kao boga vjetra i zraka Amon (staroeg. jmn; starogr. Ἄμμων) bol hlavným bohom uctievaným v staroegyptskom meste Veset (Téby, 4. hornoegyptský kraj, dnes Karnak a Luxor), stvoriteľ a pán sveta, kráľ bohov. Bol jedným z najvyšších egyptských bohov a v období Novej ríše, keď Veset bol hlavným mestom Egypta, bol najvyšším štátnym bohom

Amon (zpravidla překládáno jako Skrytý, v transliteraci z hieroglyfického písma jmnw, řecky Αμμων - Ammón, event.Άμμων - Hammón, do češtiny méně často přepisováno podle jinojazyčných verzí odvozených z koptštiny jako Amun), po svém ztotožnění se slunečním bohem Reem označovaný také jako Amon-Re (přepisováno také jako Amenre, Amunre apod Amon is the demon that was called the greatest hero among the demons who fused with Akira Fudo and is the main character of Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman. He has a different appearance compared to how other series have depicted him, as the design was not owned by the OVA's producers and the..

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King of Gods - Amon-Ra is the penultimate boss of the Camelot chapter in the Main Story. Amon is the 6th Pillar in Salomon Areas Main Quest: Camelot, Interlude: Arash, 6th Seat of Salomo The Book of Amun-Ra was an Ancient Egyptian book made of pure gold. Known colloquially as the Book of the Living or the Golden Book, the Book of Amun-Ra contained ancient spells and incantations that could take life away from mortals Amun (juga dieja sebagai Amon, Amoun, Amen, dan adakala Imen, bahasa Yunani Αμμον Ammon, dan Άμμον Hammon, bahasa Mesir a-m-n) merupakan nama satu dewa sembahan, dalam mitologi Mesir, yang meningkat kepentingannya menjadi sembahan utama dan kemudian pudar dilupakan

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Media in category Temple of Amun in Jebel Barkal The following 31 files are in this category, out of 31 total. Barkal.png 1,516 × 700; 136 KB Urschbrünglig isch dr Amun nid eini vo de wichdige ägyptische Gottheite gsi. Er wird zwar in de Pyramideteggscht erwähnt, wie dr König zum Himmel ufschdiigt und uf em Dron vom Amun wird sitze. Siit dr 11.Dynaschdii wird er z Thebe verehrt. Im Neue Riich isch er as Amun-Re dr Schdaatsgott word Amon var en framstående gud i den egyptiska mytologin som blev allmänt dyrkad från och med Nya riket sedan kungar från Övre Egyptens huvudort Thebe kommit till makten. . När dynastin enade Egypten fick Amon hög status, och en rad andra gudar kombinerades med honom, bland andra guden Ra, som blev Amon-Ra som bär sin ursprungliga fjäderprydda huvudbonad men också Ras sol

Amun-her-khepeshef was the son of Pharaoh Rameses II, the grandson of Seti I and Tuya and the adoptive nephew of Moses. I kill you want me Second Ashley's murder case He was first seen when Moses, returned from the wilderness of the Midian desert because Moses had to tell Rameses that God came.. Creates a path 600 unit in target direction. While on the path, Amun-Ra gains free pathing and 300 Movement Speed. After 0.5 seconds, a meteor lands at the end of the path, dealing 90/140/190/240 Magic Damage to enemies on impact and Stuns for 1 second. Heals 5% Max Health for each enemy hero hit Amon var skabergud i det gamle Egypten, dyrket i flere byer, navnlig i Theben, hvor han vigtigste tempel, Karnak-templet lå, men også i andre egyptiske byer. Ligesom flere andre guder bragtes Amon allerede tidligt i forbindelse med solguden Ra - han kaldtes derfor ofte Amon-Ra Sharrkan Amun-Ra Manga Manga | Anime Anime Biographical Information Kanji シャルルカン・アメン・ラー Rōmaji Sharurukan Amen Rā Also Known As Sharr Physical Description Age AoS: 9 Magi: 21, 22, 23, 26 (currently) Gender Male Height 180 cm (5'11") Weight 70 kg (154 lbs) Relationships Family Armakan Amun-Ra..

Koutarou Amon (亜門 鋼太朗, Amon Kōtarō) is a former First Class Ghoul Investigator. He was Kureo Mado's last partner and his last partner was Akira Mado. He was subsequently declared dead by the CCG, though his body was never recovered, and was posthumously promoted to Special Class for his distinguished service Kebi is a member of the Egyptian coven. She never talks and rarely leaves her mate's, Amun, side and always gives off an obedient aura towards him. She leaves fairly quickly with him, after the Volturi show up in Breaking Dawn The Karnak Temple Complex—usually called Karnak—is a vast group of ruined temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings. The largest and most important are the Great Temple of Amun, and a massive structure begun by Pharaoh Ramses II (ca. 1391-1351 BC). An ancient sacred lake is part of the site as well Amon in Devilman Grimoire. Amon is normally the name of the demon that fuses with Akira Fudo.Originally an enigmatic figure, Amon's backstory and personality are further explored in later series in the franchise Ámon kultuszának előretörésével összeolvadt az addig különálló Ré napistennel és Hórusz égistennel, elnevezése ekkor Ámon-Ré lett. Kultusza és így papságának ereje ekkor hágott a tetőfokára, az egész birodalomban igen nagy népszerűségnek örvendett, olyannyira, hogy az Ámon-papság sokszor nagyobb hatalmat képviselt a fáraónál is

Amon (also spelled Aamon or Amaymon, along with many other variations) is a Marquis of Hell. He is the seventh of the 72 Goetic demons who governs forty infernal legions. He appears as a wolf with a snake's tail who can breathe fire, or as a man with dog's teeth who is situated inside of a raven, or as a raven-headed man Amon (アモン, Amon) or Amaimon (アマイモン, Amaimon) is a demon in the series. Amon (also spelled Aamon or Amaymon, along with many other variations) is a Marquis of Hell. He is the seventh of the 72 Goetic demons who governs forty infernal legions Amun became extremely overprotective of Benjamin, terrified of the idea of him joining another coven. Despite this, Benjamin is very independent of his creator and refuses to be used as a weapon, though he does not show any strong desire to leave Amun. After five years, he began to think more and more of Tia

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Armakan Amun-Ra (アールマカン・アメン・ラー, Ārumakan.Amen.Rā) is the former King of Heliohapt, one of the countries that forms the Seven Seas Alliance. Armakan is the owner of the Djinn Vassago. He is a Dungeon Capturer, capturing one Dungeon, and a King Vessel. He is Sharrkan's older brother Temple to Amun Production Cost 400 Maintenance 3 Technology Amun: Lord of All Gods District Holy Site Required infrastructure Shrine Effect +5 Culture +1 Citizen slot Back to the list of buildings The Temple to Amun is a building from the Gifts of the Nile scenario in Civilization VI Amon in Amaunet sta navedena v starih egiptovskih piramidnih besedilih. Amon in Amaunet sta oblikovala četrtino starodavne ogdoade (skupina osmih bogov) iz Hermopolisa, kar je prvobitna zasnova ali element zraka ali nevidnosti (ustreza Šuju v eneadi), zato je bil Amon kasneje bog vetra. Menili so, da se je Amon sam ustvaril, nato pa še okolico Amun Ra simply means: Hidden Light (Amun = Hidden/ Ra = Light) Recent research findings show us that Amun (Amen or Amon) is a modern god, within the ambits of Egyptian mythology. Historians also believe that the famous Sun temple as the capital of Thebes was recorded only during the period of 11th dynasty and onwards English: The Divine Adoratrice of Amun was a second title created for the chief priestess of the ancient Egyptian deity, Amun. During the first millennium BCE, when the holder of this office exercised her largest measure of influence, her position was an important appointment facilitating the transfer of power from one pharaoh to the next, when his daughter was adopted to fill it by the.

Story: The Master Elite of the Junta Draiden. He is called a prophet due to his ability to see the future. Although he comes across as polite and refined, he is heartless and places no value on human life Amon, born as Noatak, was the main antagonist in the first season of The Legend Of Korra and the charismatic and mysterious leader of the anti-bending terrorist organization known as the Equalists, whose ultimate goal is to create equality by ridding the world of bending A midida que el cultu de Amón crecía n'importancia, Amón identificar cola deidá principal que yera adorada n'otres árees mientres esi periodu, el dios del sol Ra. Esta identificación condució a otra fusión d'identidaes, con Amon que se convierte en Amon-Ra. Nel Himnu a Amón-Ra descríbese-y como Amon Dîn was the first and perhaps the oldest of the seven Warning beacons of Gondor, located between the Drúadan Forest and the Grey Wood. It was originally used as a fortified position of the city of Minas Tirith keeping watch over north Ithilien and Dagorlad Amun. Saltar para a navegação Saltar para a pesquisa Amun pode signifcar: um acrónimo para Americas Model United Nations; uma antiga transliteração do nome de um.

The Shrine of Amun was a shrine dedicated to Amun located at the top of a mountain in the Theban Necropolis.. In 38 BCE, two priests of Amun Sab and Onnos were dispatched from Karnak to conduct a sacred ritual at the shrine in an attempt to appease the deceased pharaohs which supposedly came back to life Temple of Amun. The Temple of Amun was the principal temple complex located in Siwa, serving as the residence for the exalted Oracle of Amun that guided the affairs of the village. It was built directly above an Isu vault which was incorporated into the temple as an underground chamber. Histor Amon and Tarrlok as children.. Noatak was the older brother of Tarrlok, whom he protected when they were children.Noatak's urge to defend his brother against the world continued to the point where he stood up against their father, Yakone, when Tarrlok struggled to learn waterbending and later bloodbending

Amon was the main antagonist of the Season 5 episode The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer. Its true form was not shown. Throughout the episode, it just appears as a shadow figure Amon Anwar, originally Eilenaer, later Halifirien (Rohirric for The Holy Mountain), was the location of several great events in the history of Gondor, and was originally considered the centre of the realm. Amon Anwar stood up out of a great wood around its feet. The hill was long and sloping and the wood went almost to the summit Amon (Also known as Ammon, Amaimon, Amoymon, Amaymon, Aamon) is a Marquis of Jinnestan who governs forty infernal legions, and, according to some Grimoires, the only one who has power over Asmodai Amon's powers have not yet been identified, since he is half witch and half human (his mother was a witch). Due to a tragic childhood, Amon despises witches. History Edit. Amon's mother was a witch and his father a seed, indicating he carries the dormant witch trait

This article is a stub. You can help Hellboy Wiki by expanding it Amon is a dark and malevolent Xel'naga, bent on shattering The Infinite Cycle by destroying all life and remaking the universe in his own image. He views death as a final release and highest ideal; to Amon, death is the only true victory a mortal can obtain Any merchandise pictured embodies the sole and exclusive intellectual property of Isaac Manevitz and Ben-Amun, and no authorization is granted to reproduce, create derivative works, distribute or authorize any such act

Amon is an extremely powerful demon in the Devilman franchise, first appearing in the Devilman manga of 1974. He is the source of Akira Fudo's demonic abilities, and as a result he is also the catalyst behind the creation of the eponymous super-hero Devilman Media in category Temple of Amun in Siwa The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. Dedans le temple d'oracle - panoramio.jpg 1,486 × 984; 476 KB Amon may be referring to two or more different villains. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin. If you came here from a link, please go back and make the right link for one of the villains listed below Amun, rekonstruksi dari bahasa Mesir Yamānu (juga diucapkan Amon, Amoun, Amen, dan kadang Imen, Yunani Ἄμμων Ammon, dan Ἅμμων Hammon), adalah nama dewa dalam mitologi Mesir yang muncul secara berangsur-angsur dari konsep abstrak menjadi dewa pelindung Thebes dan menjadi salah satu dewa penting di Mesir Kuno sebelum memudar

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Weathertop, also known as Amon Sûl, was a hill in the Eriador region of Middle-earth, the southernmost and highest summit of the Weather Hills. The watch tower at its top overlooked the Great East Road in central Eriador, east of Bree, about halfway between the Shire and Rivendell Amon Shek was the planet which Lord Khonsu was said to be from. However, as he was a Tok'ra posing as a Goa'uld and the only person to have said he was from Amon Shek was his former First Prime Her'ak, it is entirely possible that this was not in fact his home planet Amon-Ra (アメン・ラー, Amen Rā)? or Ra (ラー, Rā)? is a demon in the series. Contents[show] History A deity of Egyptian and Berber lore. Amon-Ra or Amun represents the essential that's hidden and Ra represents the revealed divinity

Amon is a boss in the game Shadow Hearts. Under certain conditions, defeat will grant Yuri the ability to fuse with Amon. Demon that appears in King Solomon's book of magic, Lemegeton. A violent, evil, and cruel soul. Its appearance signifies the end of the world Amon-Gorloth (Creator of Nile and Universe's Equilibrium) is a colossal mysterious entity whose cult is similar to that of the Egyptian god Amun. Once dwelled in a great palace known as Gz-eh close to the Valley of the Kings Amon is an optional boss in Final Fantasy III. He can change his elemental weakness with Barrier Shift, similar to Hein. While he resembles Hein, he is not very strong and focuses on physical attacks, usually attacking with magic every two turns Amon je na brežuljku ispljunuo Šua i Tefnut, blizance. Oni su postali roditelji neba i Zemlje . U Hermopolisu su se Nun, Naunet, Amon i Amaunet slavili kao očevi i majke koji su postojali prije pravih bogova. Ubrzo je Amon postao kralj bogova, a to će najviše biti u Novom kraljevstvu. Na kraju, Amon je postao nespoznatljivi A 2,700-year-old mummy recently discovered is a high priest of the widely regarded Egyptian'god' who's discovery was announced on Thursday November 26th, 2015. The coffin is made of wood and includes ceremonial decoration and hieroglyphic markings

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Amon as depicted in Dictionnaire Infernal. Amon is one of the 72 Goetic demons of hell. His rank is a Grand Marquis of Hell, where who governs forty infernal legions. He appears as a wolf with a snake's tail Amon is likely tied to Amon Ra (spelled also Amun Ra), the Egyptian god, sometimes associated as the Sun god. Amon could also be tied to Amon, a Marquis of Hell according to Johan Weyer's Ars Goetia. Amon could also be tied to Amon, a Marquis of Hell according to Johan Weyer's Ars Goetia When Amun was just the god of air, his religious symbol was the goose. This later became a ram, a symbol of fertility. During the later ages called the New Kingdom, Amun was joined with Re, the sun god, and became Amun-Re, even more powerful. Also during the time of monotheisim, other gods were joined by him and he took on their personalities An ancient people of Israel.··A city in Idaho. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionar Define Amun. Amun synonyms, Amun pronunciation, Amun translation, English dictionary definition of Amun. also A·men or A·mon n. Mythology The Egyptian god of life and reproduction, sometimes represented as a man with a ram's head. n Egyptian myth a variant..

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A disembodied Amon emerges from the corpse of a possessed man and takes possession of Akira's body. In the live-action film, Amon is known as Amon the Brave and is revered as a hero and warrior who has been gone for some time. Like all demons, Amon emerged from the bottom of an Antarctic lake when Ryo's father and his team began drilling. Amon inaczej Noatak jest magiem krwi i głównym Wrogiem w pierwszym sezonie Awatar:Legenda Korry. Jego ojcem był przestępca Yakone a bratem Tarrlok. Jego dzieciństwo wraz z bratem Tarrlokiem było dość miło wspominane do czasu gdy oboje odkryli zdolność tkania wody Amon: Amon, Egyptian deity who was revered as king of the gods. Amon may have been originally one of the eight deities of the Hermopolite creation myth; his cult reached Thebes, where he became the patron of the pharaohs by the reign of Mentuhotep I (2008-1957 bce) Used in Old Egyptian; archaic by Middle Egyptian. Used mostly since Middle Egyptian. Archaic or greatly restricted in usage by Middle Egyptian. The perfect has mostly taken over the functions of the perfective, and the subjunctive and periphrastic prospective have mostly replaced the prospective Amon - As seen in Shadow Hearts. The second strongest Fusion soul in Shadow Hearts, it is an entirely optional and potentially missable fusion.. Obtained after fighting Albert Simon in his Amon form, in the Nemeton Underground, only if you collected the Destruction Stone beforehand

For 4 rounds, counter all damage with a Water type attack of 3x damage taken. Affected by enemy element and defense. Also, all Fire Orbs become Water Orbs Amon (Disambiguation) Amon is one of the primary protagonists in the manga Devilman Grimoire. Amon was a demon from the Beast Tribe and was considered to be one of the strongest demons ever known. At the beginning of the series after being accidentally summoned by Miki Makimura, Amon took over the body of the wounded Akira Fudo. This was an. Amon was a Makai Priest who helped Taiga in creating anti-Horror weapons, spells, and devices. Amon was the one who created Zaruba and later serviced Kouga. Amon loved drinking red sake and playing Bar Chess, wagering 10 years of life to the winner of the game It's been a while! But to break past one's limits and reach new extremes, one must embody the concept of true'kiwami'. Jo Amon (亜門 丈) is a recurrent secret character in the Yakuza series and the leader and most powerful member of Amon Clan, a mysterious group of assassin Amon Tomaz was enslaved at a young age. His sister, Adrianna, after becoming the heroine Isis, along with Black Adam, broke up many child slavery rings throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia searching for him

Sha-Amun-en-su (em egípcio, os campos férteis de Ámon) foi uma sacerdotisa e cantora egípcia que viveu em Tebas durante a primeira metade do século VIII a.C., responsável por exercer funções cerimoniais no Templo de Carnaque, dedicado ao deus Ámon Amon, otherwise known as the Dark Voice or Fallen One, is the main antagonist of StarCraft II, and the overarching antagonist in the entire StarCraft series.. He is a malevolent xel'naga connected to the Void who engineered a plot to destroy xel'naga and their Infinite Cycle in order to remake the universe in his image Amon was said to possess close-cropped grey hair, with skin that had the appearance and colour of old vellum. Amon was described as a quiet, private fellow, not easily given to company. Like many such solitary men, he was a poet and deeply interested in the hidden nature of things Amon Ereb (S. amon hill + ereb isolated, lonely), sometimes just Ereb, was the broad, shallow-sided hill that dominated the southern plains of East Beleriand.. The hill was the highest point in that region and the easternmost hill of Andram, but was standing alone Amon (アモン) is a set of cards that include Amon in their card names exclusive to the Dark Irregulars clan, introduced in Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion Amon B. King (1807-1836) was an American military leader in the Texas Revolution. Amon B. King (1807-1836) was an American military leader in the Texas Revolution